Lands CS Jacob Kaimenyi on Friday reaffirmed the government’s commitment to issue more than 1,000 title deeds to public schools across the country.

He said many public schools do not have land ownership documents.

Kaimenyi said the Rapid Response Programme was launched in January this year and has helped in surveying and titling of public land.

“As you are aware, statutory fees for checking and registration have been waived by the ministry and the National Land Commission, following a Cabinet decision,’’ he said.

The CS was speaking at Hill School, Eldoret, when he presented title deeds to schools. He said out of the more than 29,000 schools in Kenya, 83 per cent lack lease certificates, while 15 per cent have not been surveyed.

Fouty-one per cent of the schools are at risk of being encroached. Kaimenyi said his ministry will not allow influential individuals to grab public land.

The CS urged principals and schools board of governors to follow up the ownership documents.

Kaimenyi said the ministry will forward to the National Land Commission a list of all grabbed school lands for repossession.

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