Today the Shule Yangu Alliance, and the National Land Commission launches its joint program to survey and title all public school land in Uasin Gishu County. This program will seek to audit, survey, protect, and title all schools, in an effort to prevent subsequent land-grabs of public school land. In the absence of such a systematic titling program, demonstrations, wall demolitions, occupations, legal injunctions, and media coverage are the responses to encroachment, outright grabs, bribery, intimidation, and legal challenges for our schools.

Currently, we sit on Kimalel Primary School land. Land that is neither surveyed nor titled, according to documentation from the County Surveyors office. Behind us is land that was set aside as a playground, and subsequently for the construction of Kimalel Secondary School. This land that has been grabbed, and as a result, a secondary school is yet to be built.

According to the historical knowledge of community members, both parcels of land were surveyed, and an approved proposed district plan (PDP) submitted to the Chairperson of the Uasin Gishu Sectoral Committee on Lands, Housing, and Planning, in 2014. This PDP has since disappeared and according to documentation from the County Surveyors office, both parcels of land have not been surveyed.

As an alliance for the protection of public school land, the Shule Yangu Alliance will investigate this case to:

  1. Determine what happened to the original PDP;
  2. Audit the sub-division and allocation of land in this area;
  3. Track the history of ownership of both parcels of Kimalel School land; and
  4. Hold accountable those who have grabbed the land which was set aside for public utility purposes.

We will do the same for other like cases in Uasin Gishu County where public school land is being grabbed, irrespective of who the grabber is.

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