Nakuru East MP David Gikaria on Sunday denied demanding Sh40 million from private developers  in a tussle over ownership of Naka primary school land.

Gikaria dismissed the allegations contained in a letter by the investors to the Ombudsman, Inspector General and Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) saying they were”fabricated lies” meant to tarnish his reputation.

Nairobi businessmen  Ibrahim Issak and Adan Maalim Mursal in the letter, accused Gikaria of soliciting the cash or two acres of the parcel.

The incentives, in the allegations, would be for Gikaria to cede ground on the land row.

However the MP says  that he will not stop pushing for the restoration of the said parcel to Naka Primary School.

“The land belongs to the school. The fellows were illegally allocated the parcel,” Gikaria said.

 “I have two plots in Nakuru town which were given to me by my parents and I cannot demand part of a school land,” he added.

“I have money to buy land. I don’t grab. I have fought hard and will continue to fight in order for the land to go back to the school,” Gikaria said.

The MP said he is ready to fight the developers, who have claimed ownership of the


-acre piece land which is next to the school, in court.

Early March, the National Lands Commission NLC weighed in and said that the contested parcel does not belong to Naka primary school, leaving the government institution with only one and a half acre.

The Commission said that after examining all the circumstances, the land does not belong to the school.

The Mohamed Swazuri team said the parcel was legally allocated to the first owner Hyrax Developers.

Area leaders have asked the EACC and the NLC to revoke the land title deed saying it was grabbed by Issak and Mursal.

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