Happy New Year 2019!

January is that time of the year to reflect on the year that was and / or make plans for a better year.

In 2018, we laid the foundation for the titling of 10,000 schools. Through our rapid data collection exercises, we collected data from an approximated 21,000 schools. We strengthened our working relationship with various government mechanisms, took steps towards creating a stronger and sustainable Alliance, provided legal support to our public school land defenders and through our movement building, supported school communities, including alumni, teachers and Civil Society Organizations. We also added our voice to the realization of Goal 4 on Education through the Parliamentary Caucus on Sustainable Development Goals.

This year we hope to build on these successes.

  1. Together with our partners in the Multi Agency Working Group on School Titling, we hope to make the titling of all public schools which have no disputes or issues a reality. The processing of title deeds from data collection exercises is on-going.  We also hope to collect data from the remaining 19 counties in the first quarter. 
  2. Schools continue to face various challenges including grabbing and encroachment, litigation and other disputes. With our support to the Inter-Ministerial Legal Working Group, we are confident that these issues will be addressed, ensuring our teachers spend more time teaching in school and not in court corridors or streets defending public school land. 
  3. Since 2015, we have witnessed the immense power of active citizens in the protection of public school land. This year we endeavor to harness this power through a reinvigorated alumni campaign that will anchor our school fencing initiative – The Adopt – a – Fence Campaign.
  4. We shall rely on new and emerging technologies to improve delivery of our vision. The Open Data Platform to offer the public a tool of tracking status of public school land ownership is top on our IT shopping list.
  5. We shall continue to strengthen the Shule Yangu Alliance through increased partnerships and collaborations. We are excited by the enthusiasm and support from our partners.
  6. Finally, keeping you informed of the Campaign through our various social media platforms remains a priority. 

We invite you to walk with us this journey to Title, Protect and Own our public schools. You can also add your voice on our social media platforms.

Thank You and Happy 2019.

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