By BANICE MBURU & VICTORIA GREEN | September 2, 2016

In August 2015, the ShuleYangu Alliance (SY) conducted a survey to better understand the state of public school land in Kenya. From 3,475 interviews with Primary School Head Teachers, SY was able to gather preliminary information on the scale and impact of public school land-grabbing in 45 counties and 285 sub-counties.

From those surveyed, 83% (2884 schools) did not have title-deeds or lease certificates and 41% (1425 schools) were at risk of land-grabbing and encroachment. Results from the 3,475 sample of schools were used to make assumptions on the state of all public schools in Kenya. Assumptions were made as follows, taking into consideration that there are 29,404 public schools in Kenya: 83% or over 24,400 schools did not have title-deeds or lease certificates, and 41% over 12,000 schools were at an immediate risk of land grabbing and encroachment.

These results were clearly alarming! Education, the best avenue to lift Kenyans out of poverty, should be a top priority for the Government. They should work to ensure that there are no impediments to children’s enjoyment of their right to learn. However, despite the constitutional mandate to do so, to ensure that the right to education is protected without interference, the study proved that the reality on the ground was different. Corrupt individuals had cheated their way into disrupting and violating one of the most important human rights that we have as Kenyans. We therefore, through the ShuleYangu Alliance, decided to stand up against this injustice, working with other civil society organizations and in support of Government to ensure the protection of this right, through the safeguarding of public school land, to ensure that at the very least, children had access to education, without fear that their educational facilities could be grabbed and closed down by unscrupulous individuals.

We are calling out to you, the public, as students, alumni, teachers, and the parents of students in public schools to help us stand up for the rights of these children. Help us in our effort to fight corruption. Help our government correct the unfortunate ill’s that have led to the disregard of our right to self-determination.

We are also calling out to you, to click HERE and sign the petition to the President, demanding that he protect public schools by fast-tracking all pending applications for titles by public schools in Kenya, declaring a moratorium on the sale or transaction of all school land until universal titling is complete, and calling for the prosecution of past and current public officials who have participated in the sale of public land.

To join the cause and find out how you can work with us, email us at

ShuleYangu is currently in the process of conducting a review of its 2015 study to include a sample set from Secondary Schools.

The 2015 study, published in January 2016, can be found HERE.

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