The Shule Yangu Alliance Campaign exists to inspire citizenship and build broad based alliances with policy makers, leaders and citizens in securing public school land. The Alliance is composed of stakeholders from the government, public and private sector working together to protect schools against illegal land grabs, support government efforts to ensure all 29,404 schools are titled and to support school communities to protect and own their schools. The campaign came out of the desperate need to protect public schools from uninhibited land grabbing which led to a Presidential Directive of January 22, 2015 to ensure that all public schools are titled.

To accelerate the titling process and strengthen the Campaign, our 2018-2019 framework has identified increased public involvement in the protection of public schools through local (county) movements as a catalyst. It is expected that this will further result in a strong, structured and sustainable Alliance. This calls for concerted efforts between the Alliance members and partners.

The Learning Circle brought together Alliance members, partners, thought leaders and friends in the sector to discuss ways in which they could support the Campaign in catalyzing movement building.